Job Requirements Form

The following form is to be used whenever a new job posting must be created. The submission of this form will provide the HI department with all necessary information to create and post the job req.


Please complete the form below

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Hiring Manager
Please insert your name and email. This will allow the HI Department to follow-up with you if there are additional questions.
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Other Hiring Manager
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Contract Information
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Position Requirements
The following information is needed to create a Job Requirement.
Date Fill By: *
Date Fill By:
Insert the date that this position needs to be filled by.
Job Location *
Job Location
If the position location is classified, enter the 5-digit postal code under Zip/Postal Code. For all other fields, enter NA.
Enter a brief description of the job. Include the job title, location of the position, and the customer the position supports.
List degree level and field.
This information can be found on the PWS / SOW.
This information can be found on the PWS / SOW. If none, type NA.
Enter the preferred salary range for this position.
Years / Months
Is this a deployable position?
If yes, enter all rotations, uplifts, and timelines for the deployment of this position.
Insert all information that will assist the HI department in discussing this position with candidates. (e.g. Type of work, tools used, work environment, etc.)
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Would you like to review the Job Requisition prior to it being posted?