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Our blogs are created and published by our very own Inflowees (that's short for Inflow Employees). We're asking all Inflowees to share their personal experiences or technical expertise with the world!

How to Contribute


We’ve got an awesome blog powered by our very own Inflowees. Joe H. is an Inflow Engineer working overseas and he’s been teaching us how to use engineering principles in our everyday work lives, no matter what field we work in. Elise shared her journey to Japan with us including some awesome photos she snapped along the way. Check out their posts here.

We believe our Inflow blog is a great way to get to know all of the Inflowees who work across the country and around the world. Now we need your help to keep growing our blog!

  • Don't worry! If writing isn't your thing, we will help you with editing. The end product will be a perfectly polished blog post with you as the author.
  • You can write a single post (like Elise) or an entire series (like Joe).
  • Your blog post can be educational or fun.
  • Your blog post doesn't have to be a certain length.
  • Your blog post can be mostly words or mostly pictures or a mix of the two.

Writing Topics

So where do you start? Here are some topics to help you come up with an idea for your next blog post:

  • Tips on Making a Task Easier
  • How-To / Tutorial (Teach us something!)
  • Book Review / Summary
  • App, Product, Serice, or Tool Review
  • Helpful Checklist
  • Share a Personal Story (So we can get to know you better!)
  • Or come up with your own topic!

Ready to get started? Email your ideas and/or content to