2017 Hackathon Response

We had another successful Hackathon this past year! We’re excited to share with you the winners as well as what we’ve done will all the ideas shared this past year!

For those who don’t know, Inflow hosts a Hackathon each year for Inflowees across the entire problem to share ideas and problems they’ve identified to help make Inflow a better place. Finalists then work with a team at Headquarters to develop, finalize, and execute their idea throughout the company. Our Hackathon is just one of many ways we encourage our Inflowees to support positive change in the company.

Brian H. - Finalist

Brian H. had the idea to develop a means to support information flow, process improvement, and exploitation standardization across the several entities involved. The goal breing to engage key leaders to bring leadership and implementation personnel together to discuss likenesses, differences, and ways to integrate processes throughout.


Inflow' Response

This is a great idea, and really focuses on a key issue many of our customers face with regard to cross unit communications and dissemination of information. This idea opens up the need for enhanced communication internally as Inflowees expand to operate across a number of these programs. While we didn't have time to move this research project forward this last year, we will begin to work with our operations teams to begin the process of conducting research in the field and developing white papers around solving customer problems. This idea speaks to a number of issues that Inflow is passionate about supporting and may be one of the first ones to take through the process. Stay tuned to for more information at inflow-ns.com/blog-landing-page.

Mason C. - Finalist

Mason C. had the idea to implement an Inflowee Family Fund where Inflowees could donate a small portion of their paycheck to a pool of money to help other Inflowees during crisis and emergencies, such as unexpected losses in family or emergencies caused by natural disasters.

Inflow's Response:

While Inflow cannot accept money, this great idea was converted into two other great ideas creating regional and project based programs for donations. During Hurricane Harvey, we provided information on several non-profits for Inflowees to donate their time and money. Also, we were able to organize a reoccurring event for a group of Inflowees to volunteer at the Fisher House in 2017. Inflow is also is looking at the ability for Inflowees to donate their PTO to fellow Inflowees in need as an added benefit for 2019. Check out inflow-ns.com/blog/inflowees-support-fisher-house for more information!


All Hackathon Ideas

While there can only be two Finalists, this certainly doesn't detract from all the incredible ideas we received! Below is a full list of all ideas and responses!

Idea / Problem

Inflow's Response

Develop an internal web site for employees to find all important information pertaining to the company and Inflowees.

We really liked this idea, which sparked the idea for moving all Onboarding and information for employees to our new system BambooHR! This tool is connected to our Global communications platform, allowing us to chat at all times across the entire company from our smart phones. Check-out the watercolor on Hipchat to see what’s going on with other Inflowees, and view the Important Updates Room to stay current with important company updates. Use Bamboo to check your pay, benefits, and training materials!

Provide an isolated area within HipChat to allow former Inflowees to still communicate with the company and other former Inflowees.

We’re excited to have created this program inside HipChat! If an Inflowee elects to maintain a relationship with Inflow, we move them to an alumni account where we can continue our relationship with them throughout their entire career, even after they’ve moved forward working with a new entity. 

Once an Inflowee, always an Inflowee!

Allow Subcontractors to use HipChat to help create a unified team on HipChat

Great idea! This is similar to the previous suggestions. We have the ability to add visitor access for all subcontractor Inflowee partners. While they may not get access to all rooms, they do have access to management and can communicate with their immediate team members, as well as the program/project room.

Continuity of anniversary dates. For example, if I work for Inflow for 14 months, my contract ends, and then I return to work for Inflow 6 months later, I will return as an Inflowee with 14 months with Inflow.

If you return as a former Inflowee, we will resume your seniority right where you left off with Inflow! This includes PTO accrual, Anniversary Dates, etc. We’ll take into consideration your time spent with the company when bringing you back on.

Within an Inflowee only section of the website, create a map with a listing of all Inflowee locations and a list of the team members, so any Inflowee can see at a glance who and where everyone is, creating a common virtual location for all Inflowees.

Excellent Idea! Unfortunately, we don't have the technology in place yet to easily implement this idea. We will keep it on our idea list for future website development. Until then we will be continuing to bring everyone together once a year at sites that are in the region to spend time celebrating the last years work at our annual fiesta party.

Also, be sure to chat up your peers across all sites and introduce your location on HipChat. Additionally, your Operations Lead can inform you of who's near you, that way you can introduce yourself and even grab a cup of coffee with them!