2018 Hackathon Response

Our 2018 Hackathon has been completed, and with it, we’re excited to share the ideas submitted, Inflow’s responses, and to announce our winner!

For those who don’t know, Inflow hosts a Hackathon each year for Inflowees across the entire problem to share ideas and problems they’ve identified to help make Inflow a better place. Finalists then work with a team at Headquarters to develop, finalize, and execute their idea throughout the company. Our Hackathon is just one of many ways we encourage our Inflowees to support positive change in the company.

Amanda H. - Finalist

Amanda H. wanted to address creating better company / contract camaraderie, lowering employee stress, and increasing happiness. The solution she felt which would be most effective would be to create a fitness and physical wellness program for Inflowees to engage in. This included having a Fitness specific room on our communication platform, allowing Inflowees to share their tips, tricks, workout routines, and photos from events they participate in.


Inflow' Response

We love this idea! Improving camaraderie and engagement between our global team is certainly a challenge but well worth the endeavor. Plus, it certainly lives our values of Balance and Meaningfulness!

We want to take this one step further. Inflow is rolling out several Topic Rooms* open to all Inflowees  on our Communication Platform. These rooms include topics on Fitness, Books (non-book club related), Sports, Travel, Technical, and more. It’s a place where our Inflowees will be able to discuss the topics that are most important to them. This will help bring Inflowees with similar interests together improving camaraderie across our global company. We know several Inflowees who are engaged in various fitness activities and are excited to help facilitate a way for those Inflowees to share in that. Thank you Amanda for Making it Matter!

*Not interested in a certain topic and don’t want to receive notifications from it, follow these instructions to turn off notifications for that room.

All Hackathon Ideas

While there can only be two Finalists, this certainly doesn't detract from all the incredible ideas we received! Below is a full list of all ideas and responses!

Idea / Problem

Inflow's Response

Provide each work location with a copy of all book club books read to date as part of an Inflow resource library. New Inflowees could borrow books, increasing the number of people exposed to the information, as well as increasing visibility of the book club in general.

We love how simple yet impactful this idea is. We will prototype this at one of our site locations to see if interest for it peaks. If our other Inflowees are eager to try this out, please reach out on our Communications Platform.

Improve Communication and Inflow’s Culture on HipChat with Inflowees in the Field. This could be done through various activities on HipChat, such as a virtual scavenger hunt, conversations starters, story sharing, or Photo Friday where Inflowees share photos and can converse with one another through it.

We're always looking for better ways to improve our communication and encourage team communications on HipChat, and it's good to see you're not the only one who submitted an idea like this. Great minds think alike!

Presently, we're creating topic rooms for our Inflowees. These topics range from fun books to exercise and sports. It's a place where Inflowees can relax and strike up conversations about the things that matter to them.

Create a video about Inflow’s culture, showing our Inflowees across all our various sites. This would bring to life who Inflow really is and help communicate our values to new Inflowees who are being onboarded.

Love the idea of having a video speaking to Inflow's culture, especially one that features our very own Inflowees!

This video is on our Marketing's Wishlist of things to do. At this point in time, we don't have the resources to pursue this. However, know that we are as excited as you are to see something like this come about!

Important messages on our communication platform have the same alert tone as Watercooler messages.

To better improve Balance, having a way to differentiate between important and non-urgent notifications. We’re all willing to respond to critical messages when we’re home, but want to leave the less important ones for later.

The Communication Platform’s notifications are important, but we can certainly understand how getting notifications for messages which don't concern you, both during and after work, can affect your productivity and work-life balance.

Fortunately, there's already a solution in place! Click here for instructions on how to customize the notification settings on the Communication Platform. If you still have questions, reach out on the IT HelpDesk room.

Bringing information about the company and the contract to new Inflowees during the onboarding process so they can hit the ground running on Day One, preparing them to know the whos, whats, and whys of their job.

Terrific idea! Actually, we've started working and implementing this very idea. We're working with our Team Leads at each site location to develop a slide deck to help establish expectations, job roles, and other important information for our new Inflowees. This is sent to Inflowees prior to their first day so they can get their feet wet and know who to contact in case an issue or question arises. We look forward to your feedback.