Bill P. - 2019 Hero Award Winner

Inflow’s Hero Award is given to one Inflowee each year who goes above and beyond in living our core values. Throughout the year, Inflow’s Team Leads and Program Managers are on the lookout for those outstanding Inflowees to nominate. What’s more, our managers receive emails from our customers, praising certain individuals for their dedication and hard work; we were especially impressed with what our customer had to say about one Inflowee - Bill P.:  

“Bill is an outstanding [Homemade Explosives (HME)] Instructor and highly respected among students and his peers alike. He is a self-starter and always eager in identifying areas of improvement within the course. As an Instructor Team Lead, he leads his students by example. He shares his many past experiences, as a public safety bomb technician and a former contractor working in Afghanistan, which is very effective in keeping his students attention. Bill has been mentioned by name numerous times in student evaluations reflecting his professionalism and his abilities to communicate and teach.”

- ATF Customer

Bill P. is an HME Instructor with over 30 years of experience with Law Enforcement as an Explosive Ordnance Device technician. Bill was one of our first employees and has continually demonstrated excellence in his work and training. He is an Inflowee through-and-through and we are thrilled to award him Inflow’s Hero Award!

Congratulations to Bill for being this year’s recipient of Inflow’s Hero Award! Thank you for making it matter out there, for demonstrating action and meaningfulness, and leaving a lasting impact on all your students. You have certainly earned this award.

Check back later for our coming Fiesta Celebration post, where we’ll have pictures of Bill receiving the physical award – a bobblehead made in his likeness!