Creativity, Inc. - Pt. 1

Talk to an Inflowee and you’ll hear the word “culture” a lot. The reason is, we’re obsessed with creating an environment where every Inflowee’s voice is heard. We’re all stakeholders in this company, responsible for taking care of our culture. However, our culture is constantly growing, constantly changing, and in order to sustain it with our growth, it calls for research, experimentation, and a whole lot of love and care to develop a meaningful and sustainable impact within our company.

But culture doesn’t happen by accident – it is designed. Culture is an active process of “try-fail-iterate” that takes simple ideas and molds them into functional and impactful components of our work lives. To learn more about this, we’ve been reading Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull for this quarter’s Book Club.

Creativity, Inc. is the story of how Pixar went from a small startup to a sustainable, industry-leading animation studio, while maintaining its culture of passion, story-telling, and candor.

We’re only a hundred pages in, and already we’ve learned a lot. Here are some of the key highlights we’ve gained:

Candor & Trust:

Effective problem solving requires brainstorming in an open and honest environment where problems and solutions are discussed as a team. We do this by letting go of our own biases and focusing on problems as a whole.

This type of honest communication builds trust. When we trust each other, barriers like hierarchy, personal motives, and preconceived notions become less of an issue, and instead, generates a team mentality united by a singular goal.

Walking the Walk & Talking the Talk:  

Companies tend to attribute words to themselves, like their commitment to “excellence” or “quality.” However, their actions don’t always align with these statements.

We too have a phrase, “Make it Matter,” and while we strive to impact the lives of our Inflowees and customers, we similarly run the risk of proclaiming we do something without following through. It’s challenging to build trust and a family atmosphere with a globally dispersed team, and unless we’re able to, we’ll also attribute meaningless words to ourselves. Which is why we’re constantly working to bridge the gap between all our Inflowees through our company culture programs.

Inflow, just like all of us, is a work-in-progress. That means each Inflowee can question, collaborate, problem solve, and innovate, making Inflow better than the day before; and by doing this, we’ll be successful in what we say we do: “Make it Matter.”

This only scratches the surface; there are a more lessons in those hundred pages, and still more to learn in the coming chapters. In our next post, we’ll discuss some of our favorite lessons-learned and the applications we can make in our daily actions.

At Inflow we solve complex terror and criminal issues for the United States Government and their partners, by providing high quality and innovative solutions at the right price through the cultivation of a corporate culture dedicated to being #1 in employee and customer engagement. We Make it Matter, by putting people first! If you are interested in working for Inflow or partnering with us on future projects, contact us here