Happy Anniversary Brittany W.

At Inflow, every Inflowee receives a personalized caricature for their one year work anniversary. It’s important for us to recognize our Inflowees’ hard work and celebrate their time and commitment to making it matter. And since you’re reading, it’s time to celebrate another anniversary, which means hilarity is sure to ensue!

Brittany Final Caricature.jpg

Brittany W. is our Director of Proposals and Marketing. She’s an avid book reader and loves to work out. Displayed are some of Brittany’s favorite activities: In her hand is a tray of cookies for her love of baking, a potted plant to symbolize her garden (and by extension, the salsa she makes), and the binoculars, pink camo, and deer because she loves to hunt. Brittany has done so much to help shape and promote Inflow’s culture.

We asked Brittany for her thoughts on her caricature and this is what she said:

Brittany: “I love it! Caricatures are so much fun! There’s something about seeing the cartoon version of yourself that makes you feel like a kid again and reminds you to not take life so seriously. I really love how personalized it is. It shows that my fellow Inflowees have taken the time to get to know me. It makes me feel like I’m a part of the Inflow Family.”

Stay tuned for more Inflowee caricatures as we celebrate their anniversaries!

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