Happy Anniversary Joe H.

At Inflow, every Inflowee receives a personalized caricature for their one year work anniversary. It’s important for us to recognize our Inflowees’ hard work and celebrate their time and commitment to making it matter. And since you’re reading, it’s time to celebrate another anniversary, which means hilarity is sure to ensue!

Joe H., an Inflow Electrical Engineer, spends his day supporting engineering operations and finding solutions to overcome related threats. When he’s not playing with electrical circuitry, he’s either practicing his martial arts (as seen by his garb and killer flying kick) or indulging himself in science fiction books, movies, and TV shows. Joe is constantly reading the latest science and tech articles to find new sources of inspiration to improve the way he works and the solutions to the problems he encounters each day.

We asked Joe for his thoughts on the caricature, and this is what he said:

Joe: “I liked it. It was obvious that a lot of thought went into it, and it was kind of nice to have something personalized. I really wasn't expecting it, so it was a pleasant surprise.”

Thank you for your hard work and commitment Joe!

Stay tuned for more Inflowee caricatures as we celebrate their anniversaries!

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