Happy Anniversary Mark C.

At Inflow, every Inflowee receives a personalized caricature for their one year work anniversary. It’s important for us to recognize our Inflowees’ hard work and celebrate their time and commitment to making it matter. And since you’re reading, it’s time to celebrate another anniversary, which means hilarity is sure to ensue!

Mark C., an Inflow Electrical Engineer, is a big kid at heart. Before he worked as an engineer, supporting our customer’s engineering operations, he served as a Chief Fire Controlman in the Navy.

Mark can be seen cruisin’ along in an old sports car accompanied by his cohort, Frankenstein, escaping an onslaught of paintballs. There are two things Mark loves: Old Cars and Halloween. He enjoys going over-the-top with his Halloween decorations and dressing up in fun costumes (as seen by his oversized, polka-dotted tie).

Thank you for your service to our nation, Mark, both during your time in the Navy and now as you support our military’s mission.

Stay tuned for more Inflowee caricatures as we “throwback” to our anniversary celebrations!

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