Inflow's 2016 Hackathon

We had our 1st Annual Idea Hackathon this past year: a process used to identify problems and develop solutions. Our Inflowees identified a number of ideas, problems, and processes for improvement – from developing new culture programs to increasing connectivity between Inflowees. While each idea provides valuable insight into the day-to-day challenges being faced, two finalists and one winner were chosen.

The two finalists this year are Nikho R. and Joe H., and Emily B. is our winner!

Finalist: Nikho R.

Nikho provided a potential solution for connecting our globally dispersed team. His goal is to create a way for Inflowees to collaborate with each other, submit challenges, problems, and ideas, and work collectively to solve them, bridging the physical gap between each Inflowee and providing access to our collective brainpower, no matter where we are working across the globe.

Finalist: Joe H.

Joe’s idea allows Inflowees (no matter where they are located) to access the skills, knowledge, and interests of other Inflowees. These skills and interests 1) provide a way for Inflowees to get to know one another, and 2) form ad-hoc groups based on relevant skills to tackle challenges. This pulls together the best team to solve the most dynamic problems.

2016 Hackathon Winner: Emily B.

Emily’s idea is to a tool to help Inflowees transition as smooth and stress-free as possible when deploying overseas. She received the most votes for her idea!

We are proud of our awesome and innovative Inflowees and all of the ideas that were submitted. Stay tuned for project updates as our teams work to put their ideas into action!

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