Make it Matter - Ricky L.

At Inflow, we choose to “Make it Matter” every day. Each of our Inflowees has a very specific reason as to why they make it matter – and we’re sharing those reasons with the world through our #MakeitMatter campaign!

Ricky L. believes everything we do at Inflow has the potential to shape our industry in a way that promotes happier and more engaged employees. He works hard to take care of each Inflowee, whether it’s with his “Song of the Day” or by paying them a visit just to say “Hi”.

At Inflow we solve complex terror and criminal issues for the United States Government and their partners, by providing high quality and innovative solutions at the right price through the cultivation of a corporate culture dedicated to being #1 in employee and customer engagement. We Make it Matter, by putting people first! If you are interested in working for Inflow or partnering with us on future projects, contact us here