Angel R. Volunteers

February 17, 2017 – For two and a half weeks in San Antonio, the whole city is inundated with all things “Rodeo” – from cattle auctions and bull riding, carnival food and rides, to shops and shows – there’s something to do for everyone during the annual San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

Inflow alum, Angel R., volunteered his time to support Respite Care, a local organization that supports families who care for children with developmental disabilities.

On that Friday, Angel R. chaperoned a field trip to the Exceptional Rodeo: a Rodeo event geared towards kids with special needs. When they arrived, Whataburger provided them with free food and cowboy gear to wear. The group then had a hayride through the AT&T Center, where they were met by cheering crowds!

From there, the kids got to meet a professional bull rider who helped them through several activities, including bull riding, horse riding, rounding up cattle, and practicing lassoing.

The day concluded with pictures and trophies before the group headed back to the bus to go home.

We asked Angel why this event was important to him:

“I have a three-year-old Autistic boy. Needless to say, I have a very personal passion for events like this. It was heartwarming seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter of these special needs kids. It’s honestly small victories like this that makes it all worth it.”

Thank you, Angel, for supporting these kids and Respite Care.

Respite Care - Respite Care of San Antonio, Inc. was founded in 1987 to provide support for families caring for a child or loved one with developmental disabilities. The original mission, to enhance the stability and nurturing opportunities of these families, is fulfilled through the provision of community based and overnight shelter services designed to give short-term relief to participating parents. Multiple site-based and residential supports have been developed to provide temporary care for children with special needs, offering parents a break to spend time within their marriage, with other children within the family unit, and for themselves.

Brittany W. Volunteers

March 24, 2017 - Churches come in all shapes and sizes and do a lot of good work supporting communities and helping others. However, many don’t have the resources or technical knowledge to keep up with the changing avenues of communication.

Brittany W., our Marketing Director, came to solve just that! She spent her time working with the First Baptist Church in Brackettville redesigning their website.

Having contacted the church, Brittany discussed all the pros and cons of the current website. These problems included an outdated design, a cumbersome updating process, and, as a result, information of current outreach programs was either missing or not updated.

Brittany worked to polish the website’s design and streamline the updating process by providing an easy-to-use tool, allowing the members of the church to update it on their own and attract more visitors, volunteers, and donations.

We asked Brittany why this organization was important to her:

“The church has had a lot of new growth over the past year and is making great strides in supporting the local community, yet their current website was dated and cumbersome to update. This website redesign will help the church’s online presence match the professionalism and goals they strive for each and every day.”

"FBC Brackettville is committed to loving and ministering to the people of Kinney County through active community outreach. Our desire is to share the love and life of Jesus Christ with everyone and to see Him touch and transform hearts and lives.  As part of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, we actively support and pray for SBC missionaries. "

FBC Brackettville has several community outreach programs, including 5th quarter (a program for youths to play games and socialize after football games), Block Parties (a youth-ran, family event filled with food, music and games), and a town-wide Easter Egg hunt open to all.

Elise A. Volunteers

December 28, 2016 – Dogs are man’s best friend. But not all dogs have a loving caretaker to call “friend.” Elise A., our Graphic Designer, decided to volunteer and support these lovable pets through L&S Dog Diggity Rescue in San Antonio, TX.

Actually, Elise isn’t just a volunteer; she’s the Director of Operations for the local rescue, where she oversees administrative tasks, including arranging doggy appointments, pet care product research (like microchips), system maintenance, and adoption processing. Her expertise in graphic design and marketing also come in handy in managing the rescue’s website, social media, and general marketing.

L&S Dog Diggity Rescue began with a handful of veterans and active duty military who started saving abandoned dogs near a fence line just outside Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. The “L” stands for Lobo and “S” for Sydney - the first two dogs the team saved, giving L&S Dog Diggity Rescue their name and beginning.

During her volunteer time, Elise worked on several admin projects, including processing documentation, researching rescue partnership opportunities, and transitioning records to a new database. Beyond this, Elise worked to update the organization’s social media and website, creating a cleaner and more polished look. Check out the pictures below!

We asked Elise why this organization is so important to her:

“There are so many stray dogs in our area and I want to chip away at that number by matching the right dogs and the right families, creating successful adoptions, and allowing these dogs to never end up homeless again.

To learn more about L&S Dog Diggity Rescue visit their website here.

“L&S Dog Diggity Rescue – L&S Dog Diggity rescues stray and abandoned dogs in our area, where pet homelessness is epidemic. Through our adoption program, e match our dogs with local adopters, as well as partner with rescues in other reas, to drastically reduce homeless pets. It is our mission to impact the homeless pet population.

We work with foster homes to provide a loving, family environment. Our adoption process is stringent to ensure pets and families are matched together.

L&S Dog Diggity plans to expand to include a sanctuary ranch for less adoptable dogs, so they can also get a second chance at life. The sanctuary will be settled on around 20 acres and will house several animal care volunteers to provide a safe, home environment.”