Welcome to Inflow - the Kitchen

Welcome to Inflow! A Land flowing with coffee and cream and bountiful with food, a place of peace for ye who are weary and heavy laden. Today we’ll be exploring the Kitchen – in prose:


Oh, Kitchen, when my eyes are sealed by sleep’s clinging clutches,
Your warm, dark coffee avails its lingering touches.
No longer hindered by the confines of sleep,
Caffeine flows through my veins like rivers of deep.

Oh, Fridge, how, when the day presses on,
And the fuel from breakfast is all but foregone,
I grab your pearly gates and draw them asunder
Revealing your fruits to subside my hunger.

Oh, Countertops, you work in ways I cannot understand;
I find myself witnessing your miracle firsthand.
With tortillas and eggs and mountains of guacamole,
Thank you for celebrating this day, this #TacoTuesday.