Welcome to Inflow's Office

Welcome to Inflow! Our HQ office is located at 110 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas, just two blocks away from the Alamo and within the Tech Bloc of San Antonio, a part of town that hosts a conglomerate of different companies who aim to build up San Antonio’s “economic landscape with a tech ecosystem” [1], particularly within Internet Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Biotech, and Internet Software and Services. Inflow strives to be a key player in this effort.

Walking into our main office space, you’re greeted first by our motto, “Make it Matter.” Though it’s a simple phrase, it’s an expression of the way we live. Every day when we walk into the office, we’re reminded just why we’re here: to strive to create a team that truly makes it matter for our employees and our customers, to seek innovative solutions for the complex problems of our industry, and to develop a culture that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and values the input of every employee. This sign is our reminder to go above and beyond and to fill each day with meaningful, impactful work.

The HQ office is thoughtfully designed to be fluid, allowing for Inflowees (that’s what we call our awesome employees) to have quick access to any other teammate. Our HQ staff are strategically stationed throughout our space, with various areas hosting our Marketing, Business Development, Operations, Recruiting, Innovation, Culture, and Proposals teams. Both our Idea Room and War Room allow for universal collaboration and planning using our big, wireless display and white-board painted walls to brainstorm, hash-out ideas, and share each other’s works-in-progress.

Innovation is one of our company values and we believe the best solutions come from the exploration of ideas, questions, and experiences. We want to ensure that all Inflowees can speak with candor and passion about the projects and innovations they’re working on, allowing for innovation across the company that will benefit our customers’ mission.

[1] https://www.satechbloc.com/

At Inflow we solve complex terror and criminal issues for the United States Government and their partners, by providing high quality and innovative solutions at the right price through the cultivation of a corporate culture dedicated to being #1 in employee and customer engagement. We Make it Matter, by putting people first! If you are interested in working for Inflow or partnering with us on future projects, contact us here.