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The goal of Inflow's Book Club is to continue our professional education and share ideas and lessons-learned that will make Inflow a better company for our employees and our customers.

How it Works


All current Inflowees (Inflow Employees) are eligible to participate in the Inflow Book Club. We read four books a year, one for each quarter. The 1st Quarter begins in January and ends March 31st. The 2nd Quarter begins in April and ends June 30th. The 3rd Quarter begins in July and ends September 30th. The 4th Quarter begins in October and ends December 31st.

At the end of each quarter, Inflow's Leadership Team will host a virtual meeting to discuss the book. Participants are encouraged to share feedback, ideas, and lessons learned by filling out the Book Club Summary Form. The goal is to take what we've learned and make Inflow a better company for our employees and our customers. If you are interested in joining the next book club, sign-up using the form at the bottom of this page.

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How do I sign-up for the Inflow Book Club? If you are interested in joining the next book club session, sign-up using the Book Club Sign-Up Form located at the bottom of this page.

How do I order my book? Inflow will provide you a copy of the book after you have signed up for the current book club session. To sign-up please fill out the Book Club Sign-Up Form below.

Can I request an e-book instead of a hard copy? Yes. You have the choice of selecting from multiple book options using the Book Club Sign-Up Form.

What if I missed a previous book club session for the year, can I still apply to be in the Inflow Book Club? Yes you can still apply. You do not have to participate in each quarterly session to be eligible.

Do I have to participate for the entire year? No. You can decide which quarterly sessions you would like to participate in.

Do I have to sign-up again for each book/session? Yes. Since each book club session is optional, you must sign-up for each new book club session.

What is the objective of the Book Club? We want to promote engagement and learning with all our Inflowees across the entire company. It’s an opportunity to share your perspective with others and learn each other’s insights. Whether you actively engage in our virtual book club meeting or simply listen in, all are welcome.

Sign-Up for Book Club

Fill out the form below to sign-up for Book Club. Inflow will cover the cost of books for eligible Inflowees. Books will be mailed out prior to the beginning of each new quarterly session.

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Inflowee Name
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Turning the Flywheel is a companion book to Good to Great. We're happy to get this book for you as well if you haven't read it.
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