Combating cyber terrorism requires agile development of code, prevention of weaponized malware, and ethical hacking. Inflow provides offensive and defensive support as it stands side-by-side with the U.S. Military and other Government Agencies. Our team of cyber experts, including intelligence Analysts, Cyber Planners, Database Administrators, Software Engineers, and Sr. Systems Architects, provide cyber services support to our Homeland’s Cyber Commands, the Air Force, Marine Corps, and the U.S. Navy, all of whom are directly combating terrorism.

In order to defend or attack, you must have expert knowledge of systems, networks, and computer hardware. Inflow’s history and expertise with Information Technology provided a foundation for us to be leaders in cyber offensive measures. If you can build systems like an expert, you can take them apart and defend them like an expert.

Inflow supports our Nation’s efforts to constantly improve our defense strategy against cyber threats with cutting-edge ideas/innovations and technology, bringing experts certified in ethical hacking, CISSPs, and seasoned Software Developers.


Capability Description

We bring expert knowledge, along with Inflow’s capabilities to support the full spectrum of Cyber services to include:

  • Offensive Cyber Support

  • Cyber Forensic Intelligence Analysis

  • Cyber Attack Planning

  • Network and Security Operations Defense

  • Intelligence Analysis of Code

  • Cyber Intelligence & Intelligence Training

  • Cyberspace Weapons Systems Integrations

  • Insider Threat Prevention

Inflow’s Impact

Inflow’s Cyber Experts ward off cyber attacks, provide actionable intelligence to connect malicious coders to their devastating actions, and protect our critical infrastructure from adversaries.


Associated Terms

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