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As a part of Inflow’s medical benefits program, you have access to Humana’s Go365 program: a wellness program that allows you to earn rewards and save 7% off your medical premium with each paycheck.

Interested in jumpstarting your savings? See our guide: Getting to Silver in 5 Steps

How it Works

How to Register:

To sign-up*, register your Humana account at or This will require the following:

  1. Member ID number or Social Security Number
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Zip Code

Once signed in, you can access the Go365 portal and begin exploring all the activities to begin earning points.

*You must be enrolled in Humana Medical to participate in Go365.

Earning Your Discount

To begin receiving a discount on your Medical premiums, you need to reach Silver Status. To reach Silver Status, you must earn 5,000 points (plus 3,000 points for every adult 18+) to be eligible for those savings! Once you reach silver, you must contact and notify them of your status change. Be aware, there may be a delay in receiving any discounts, but any delay will carry over the following program year, so you won't miss out on any savings.

Keep in mind, your status will reset at the end of the program year (Feb 28th). However, 10% of the points you earn will be kept. For example, if you gained 10,000 points this year, you will start with 1,000 points the following year.

Earning Points

The Go365 program year begins March 1st and ends February 28th. At the beginning of each program year, you will start at Blue Status. In order to get to Bronze status and begin earning points, you have to do one of three things:

  1. Complete at least one Health Assessment on the Go365 Portal
  2. Get a Biometric Screening
  3. Log a verified workout

Once you have completed any one of these activities, other activities, challenges, and opportunities to accrue points will become available.

There are a lot of ways to accrue points and begin earning Bucks. This includes doctor visits, logging into the Go365 app, daily exercises, and eating healthy to name a few. For a full list of activities, see the Go365 Earning Points Guide.

Earning Bucks

As you gain points, you will also accrue bucks. Bucks can be used on the Go365 Mall to purchase gift cards, movie tickets, fitness gear, even bicycles and Apple products. Whenever you reach a new status, you will acquire bonus bucks, ranging from 500 – 10,000 bonus Bucks, depending on which status you reach. Even better, Bucks will carry over each year for three years, so you can save them for big purchase items.

Got Questions?

If you have specific questions regarding the program, your medical premium deduction, or want to learn more about Go365, contact our accounting team at for more information.

Link your fitness tracker to your account to earn points!

Link your fitness tracker to your account to earn points!


Q. When does the program year start?
A. Inflow's Go365 program year begins March 1st and goes through February 28th of the following year.

Q. How do I save money on my medical benefits?
A. In order to receive 7% off, you'll have to reach Silver Status. For an example of how to quickly reach silver status, see Getting to Silver in 5 Steps.

Q. Can I still participate in Go365 if I only opted for Dental or Vision?
A. No. Go365 is a program only accessible to those with Humana's Medical benefits.

Q. Once I've reached silver status will I start seeing the savings automatically on my paycheck?
A. Once you've reached silver status, you must contact stating you've reached Silver. Our accounting team will then insert the price deduction in your paycheck. Keep in mind, there may be a delay in this saving, so please be patient. Any delays will carry-over to the new year, so you won't lose on any savings.

Q. How do I access the Go365 portal?
A. There are two places you can go to access the portal:

Q. Why is the Portal not showing the points I've earned?
A. Go365 collects and applies all points accrued on the 15th of each month. Be patient, as there is sometimes a delay in showing the points you've earned for the month.

Q. My spouse and I are both a part of Humana Medical. Can we both participate in Go365?
A. Yes! Even better, you can both earn points for the same activities. If you both do the health assessment, biometric screening, and log your workouts, you'll effectively get double the points! Keep in mind though, in order to reach silver, you'll have to earn an additional 3,000 points per adult (18+).

Have more questions? Contact and we'll answer any questions you may have.

Sync your Gym with the Go365 app to automatically record your workout sessions.

Sync your Gym with the Go365 app to automatically record your workout sessions.


Below is a list of documents you can use to reference, research, and gather information to learn more about Go365. If you have questions, feel free to contact

  • Getting to Silver in 5 Steps: You quick start guide to getting involved and earning your 7% monthly deduction off your medical premiums.
  • Activity and Points Guide: This has a full list of different activities you can participate in to earn points. Including how your children can help you earn points.
  • Children Points Guide: Learn how your children can get involved and earn you points.
  • Go365 Full Program: This provides the ins and outs of the entire Go365 program. Only read this if you want all the specifics and workings of the program.
  • Go365 FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the program.