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Inflow’s Awesomeness Coin Award is our way of recognizing Inflowees who are going above and beyond. Managers and team leads can nominate their Inflowees for this award. Inflowees recognized with an Awesomeness Coin not only receive a spot-bonus, but are also automatically submitted for Inflow’s highest award: The Hero Award.

How it Works


Inflow’s Team Leads and Managers are always on the lookout for Inflowees who live our core values and are going above and beyond. These Inflowees are nominated by their Managers and Team Leads for the Inflow Awesomeness Coin. This award not only recognizes Inflowees for their hard work, but it also awards a monetary spot-bonus and nominates them for Inflow’s Hero Award: a bobblehead made in their likeness and a larger bonus!

Inflow’s Awesomeness Coin Award


How do I nominate an Inflowee for the Coin Award? Managers and Team Leads can nominate their Inflowees for a spot bonus. Inflow’s Board will review each submission and determine which Inflowee should receive the coin award. There is no limit to how many Inflowees can be awarded each year.

How is the Inflow Hero Award Winner selected? The Inflow Hero Award Winner is selected through a three-step process:

  1. All nominations are reviewed by Inflow’s Board.

  2. Inflow’s Board selects the year’s Winner(s).

  3. The Hero Award will be awarded by the CEO.

When and how often is the Inflow Hero Award given? The Inflow Hero Award is awarded annually with no restrictions on how long someone has worked with the company. Nominations are collected throughout the year from the Inflow Awesomeness Coin Award. The last day for nominations is December 31st of each year and the Awardee(s) are selected by January 30th.

What does an Inflow Hero Award Winner receive? Inflow Hero Award winners will be recognized by the company internally and on social media.  Additionally, the CEO will present the winner(s) with a custom bobble head made in their likeness with a matching bobble head prominently displayed in the lobby of our main office in the Inflow Heroes Hall of Fame. Hero Award winners additionally receive a large bonus. 

Inflow Awesomeness Coin Nomination

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