Identity Intelligence (I2)

Inflow's team of experts are globally positioned to support our Nation's Intel, Cyber, and DoD Communities. Inflow provides Identity Intelligence (I2) support across some of the most intensive expeditionary and CONUS environments for the U.S. Government. This includes providing C-IED experience in Afghanistan for the U.S. Navy, conducting FME analysis for the United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and combating terrorism through the collection of forensic and biometric intelligence for the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division.

Inflow has combined best practices from experts in the cyber, science, engineering and intelligence realms to create a unified tradecraft, called I2 Cubed. We bring expert knowledge, along with Inflow's capabilities, to support Foreign Materiel Exploitation and similar programs and projects. This tradecraft is supported by our unique, in-house software application, ARES

Both in the field and in laboratories, our Scientists, Engineers, and Experts analyze captured materials to prevent and combat terrorism, while executing training on Counter-Terrorism Best Practices to equip the warfighter. 


Capability Description

Inflow collects, analyzes, exploits, documents, and reports on all identity attributes and associated technologies & processes for foreign materials, IEDs, and other weapons. This includes: 

  • Forensics and Biometrics

  • Biometrics-Enabled Intelligence (BEI)

  • Forensics-Enabled Intelligence (FEI)

  • Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX)

  • Reverse Engineering and Electrical Engineering

  • Cyber forensic analysis and reverse engineering

  • All-source intelligence databases and materials

  • Insider Threat Prevention

Inflow’s Impact

Our unique Tradecraft, I2 Cubed, allows Inflow to leverage information and intelligence to identify a person or members of a group, and combat foreign and domestic terrorism. Inflow's actionable intelligence provides the U.S. Government with the details to prevent terrorism and protect our Nation's security. Intelligence collections are processed through the appropriate DOD and interagency databases, exploited to produce intelligence, and then disseminated to deployed Special Operations Forces (SOF) and throughout the interagency. Our I2 products enable real-time decisions in support of SOF critical missions. Inflow supports multiple specialized services that facilitate identification and rule of law functions for DoD, IC, and International partner organizations


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