By leveraging all sources of information, our Analysts enhance situational awareness and help combat threats at home and abroad. Intelligence reports founded in extensive All Source Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Cyber Footprint analysis, and other means are created every hour across the globe by Inflow's Intelligence Analysts. Side by side with our I2 SMEs, our Analysts support expeditionary environments to provide vital information to our Warfighters. Our Analysts work along side our military and Government to protect the Homeland.



Inflow collects, analyzes, exploits, and disseminates key information on all identity attributes and associated Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for foreign materials, IEDs, and other weapons. Our Processes include:

  • Human Intelligence Collection (HUMINT)

  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)

  • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)

  • Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI)

  • All Source Intelligence

  • Intelligence Reports with high level of detail and confidence

  • Data Modeling and Analytics 

  • Imagery Analysis

Inflow’s Impact

Providing verified research in quality analysis reports to the U.S. Government. Hourly our analysts hunt down actionable and verifiable facts to provide to the 24th U.S. Air Force and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) with sound and defensible briefings. Our analytical toolsets and processes inform mission planning, anticipate activities, establish ground truth, and empower decision-makers. Our experts deliver intelligence analysis, intelligence operations support, counterintelligence, and other services to help disrupt terrorist networks, protect our forces, and counter asymmetric threats.


Associated Terms

HUMINT | INTEL | SIGNT | All Source Intelligence | Facial Recognition | Digital Footprint | Remove Anonymity | Link Events | Left of Boom | Information Modeling | Imagery Analysis | Cyber Intelligence | Technical Intelligence | Open Source Intelligence