Combating cyber terrorism requires agile development of code, prevention of weaponized malware, and ethical hacking. Inflow provides offensive and defensive support as it stands side-by-side with the U.S. Military and other Government Agencies. Our team of cyber experts, including intelligence Analysts, Cyber Planners, Database Administrators, Software Engineers, and Sr. Systems Architects, provide cyber services support to our Homeland’s Cyber Commands, the Air Force, Marine Corps, and the U.S. Navy, all of whom are directly combating terrorism.

In order to defend or attack, you must have expert knowledge of systems, networks, and computer hardware. Inflow’s history and expertise with Information Technology provided a foundation for us to be leaders in cyber offensive measures. If you can build systems like an expert, you can take them apart and defend them like an expert.

Inflow supports our Nation’s efforts to constantly improve our defense strategy against cyber threats with cutting-edge ideas/innovations and technology, bringing experts certified in ethical hacking, CISSPs, and seasoned Software Developers. 

Identity Intelligence (I2)


Inflow's team of experts are globally positioned to support our Nation's Intel, Cyber, and DoD Communities. Inflow provides Identity Intelligence (I2) support across some of the most intensive expeditionary and CONUS environments for the U.S. Government. This includes providing C-IED experience in Afghanistan for the U.S. Navy, conducting FME analysis for the United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and combating terrorism through the collection of forensic and biometric intelligence for the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division.

Inflow has combined best practices from experts in the cyber, science, engineering and intelligence realms to create a unified tradecraft, called I2 Cubed. We bring expert knowledge, along with Inflow's capabilities, to support Foreign Materiel Exploitation and similar programs and projects. This tradecraft is supported by our unique, in-house software application, ARES

Both in the field and in laboratories, our Scientists, Engineers, and Experts analyze captured materials to prevent and combat terrorism, while executing training on Counter-Terrorism Best Practices to equip the warfighter. 



By leveraging all sources of information, our Analysts enhance situational awareness and help combat threats at home and abroad. Intelligence reports founded in extensive All Source Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Cyber Footprint analysis, and other means are created every hour across the globe by Inflow's Intelligence Analysts. Side by side with our I2 SMEs, our Analysts support expeditionary environments to provide vital information to our Warfighters. Our Analysts work along side our military and Government to protect the Homeland.

Thought Leadership


Inflow's team of Seasoned Experts, Program Managers, and Consultants are globally positioned to support our Government's needs. Inflow provides thought leadership support across some of the most complex operating environments for the U.S. Government. This includes our intensive and vital support for the DoD Office of the Inspector General. Inflow's Program Managers and Experienced Consultants work side-by-side with the Government to construct operating documents, provide program management support, and implement value-added capabilities in support of our customer's missions.

Across all of Inflow's programs, we provide our in-house software application, ARTEMIS, a global communications platform providing interactive management tools to share information across the entire program, creating program management efficiencies. For example, ARTEMIS offers a real-time reporting tool with access to secure communications between the Government and Inflow 24x7.

Additionally, ARTEMIS streamlines management of task orders, invoicing, funding management, and ultimately all program communications.



The first step in combating terrorism, both foreign and domestic, is conducting quality training. Our seasoned experts, trainers, and educators comprise a team which works in conjunction with our Government to save lives through quality training. Understanding how to respond in a post blast environment, knowing what intelligence is important at a crime scene, or how to counter an explosive devices, takes precise measures that can only be taught through extensive training from our Experts.

For example, Inflow's Explosive Experts in Alabama teach First Responders how to identify the difference between weapons grade explosives and homemade explosives through live field demonstrations, hands on mixing and observing post blast scenes, allowing for real-life experience tooccur.

Additionally, our Cyber SMEs teach Marines how to prevent cyber threats, conducting cyber awareness training in Arizona. Inflow's training experts possess knowledge across all areas of National Security and homeland protection.