Points of Contact

Customer Satisfaction Contact
John Goodwin
110 Broadway St., Ste 444
San Antonio, TX  78205
(830) 360-0992

Contracts Manager
Nancy Jeter
110 Broadway St., Ste. 444
San Antonio, TX 78205
(972) 523-0401

Teaming Information

Note: Upon notification of the TO requirements, our Project Management Office (PMO) will research and identify the areas of expertise required to perform the work. Work share is granted to teaming partners if Inflow needs to supplement our expertise. At all times, Inflow can and will maintain 51% of the work share as the Woman-Owned Small Business. The subcontract will establish the division of labor, workload, specific work elements, deliverable requirements, performance measures and indicators, quality requirements, security, invoice/billing procedures and process requirements. All Government contract and task order requirements flow down to our subcontractors in their agreements.

Inflow's Quality Assurance Program

Inflow applies corporate best practices and quality control to the SeaPort-e contract using the Balanced Scorecard. All of Inflow’s Business Processes are aligned with our mission as a business and each of the processes can be measured for success with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs are pushed to the contract and task order and align with the Quality Control Plan (QCP) and/or Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) to measure success on each work element of the task orders against the Performance Work Statement (PWS). Inflow monitors the performance of these metrics on our integrated portal. This portal allows us to track all KPIs across all levels. Quarterly, Inflow obtains client satisfaction surveys to capture independent performance evaluations to compare against the PM's reports and KPIs metrics. Inflow is also pursuing an ISO and CMMI certification to further enhance the quality support we provide to our customers.

Task Orders

None at this time.