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Welcome to Inflow's internal communications tool: Slack!

Slack is Inflow's internal, private, and secure instant messaging software. We believe the best way to unleash our Inflowee's full potential is to open up the doors of communication across the entire company. Every Inflowee can talk to any other Inflowee; whether across-contracts or across the globe!


Important Inflow Updates

Rather than bogging down your inbox with emails, Inflow uses this room to make important announcements to all of our Inflowees

Social Rooms

Inflow offers several social rooms where you can engage with Inflowees across the globe to talk about sports, entertainment, books, and more.

Program Rooms

Whatever team you join, there is a room for you. Stay engaged with your coworkers, keep up-to-date on ongoing projects, and stay connected.


Slack Features


Group Chat

Quickly and instantly collaborate with your team. Not only can you talk one-on-one with anyone in the company, but you and your team can effectively share ideas, provide feedback, and make updates to ongoing projects, significantly improving the team's effectiveness.


File Sharing

Email attachments are a thing of the past! Easily upload and share files through Slack's simple drag-n-drop feature. You can even attach multiple files at once.



Need access to a link or file that was uploaded? Use Slack’s Sidebar feature to access all the files posted within a room in chronological order. Or you can use the search bar to look for keywords. Either way, you'll never lose a document again! 


Built-in Search

Along with archiving everything, you can use Slack’s search bar to locate conversations with your team. Whether you are trying to remember a decision that was made or a task that needed done, you can find the information you need.

Slack is a required tool for all Inflowees. Click the link below to learn how to download and install Slack.