Thought Leadership

Inflow's team of Seasoned Experts, Program Managers, and Consultants are globally positioned to support our Government's needs. Inflow provides thought leadership support across some of the most complex operating environments for the U.S. Government. This includes our intensive and vital support for the DoD Office of the Inspector General. Inflow's Program Managers and Experienced Consultants work side-by-side with the Government to construct operating documents, provide program management support, and implement value-added capabilities in support of our customer's missions.

Across all of Inflow's programs, we provide our in-house software application, ARTEMIS, a global communications platform providing interactive management tools to share information across the entire program, creating program management efficiencies. For example, ARTEMIS offers a real-time reporting tool with access to secure communications between the Government and Inflow 24x7.

Additionally, ARTEMIS streamlines management of task orders, invoicing, funding management, and ultimately all program communications.


Capability Description

Inflow uses best practices from the Project Management Institute (PMI) to conduct the following support functions:

  • Program Management and Support

  • Concept of Operations Development

  • White Paper Development

  • Process Improvement and Development

  • Executive Policy and Doctrine Development

  • Technical Representatives supporting Integrated Process Teams (IPTs)

  • Creation of Reports and Publications

  • Training Aid Development

  • Information Technology (IT) Architecture Design and Assessments

  • System Certification and Accreditation Support

  • System Design and Development

Inflow’s Impact

As an added, no-cost feature of Inflow's management approach, we provide our information system (IS), ARTEMIS, a commercially hosted, custom coded Communications Platform. This platform streamlines project management, financial management, and resource management for all of Inflow's programs. Inflow's ARTEMIS has saved 300 man-hours each month on a single Government report.


Associated Terms

CONOPs | Doctrine Development | Reports | Consulting | CIO | IT Architecture Design | Program Management (PM) | Program Management Plan (PMP) | Scheduling