The first step in combating terrorism, both foreign and domestic, is conducting quality training. Our seasoned experts, trainers, and educators comprise a team which works in conjunction with our Government to save lives through quality training. Understanding how to respond in a post blast environment, knowing what intelligence is important at a crime scene, or how to counter an explosive devices, takes precise measures that can only be taught through extensive training from our Experts.

For example, Inflow's Explosive Experts in Alabama teach First Responders how to identify the difference between weapons grade explosives and homemade explosives through live field demonstrations, hands on mixing and observing post blast scenes, allowing for real-life experience tooccur.

Additionally, our Cyber SMEs teach Marines how to prevent cyber threats, conducting cyber awareness training in Arizona. Inflow's training experts possess knowledge across all areas of National Security and homeland protection.


Capability Description

Inflow conducts training in classrooms, laboratories, and in the field. Across all training programs, Inflow provides the following services:

  • Create and maintain course curriculum in accordance with the ADDIE model

  • Conduct course delivery

  • Development of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)

  • Training for Certification

  • Conducts hands-on exercises, scenario-based practice events, and live demo operations.

  • Supports intelligence lifecycle, analyzing data from captured materials to improve training aids, materials, lessons, and exercises.

  • Inflow provides real-time reporting on a monthly status report (MSR).

  • Provide continual course and curriculum improvements through the Kirkpatrick model.

Inflow’s Impact

At Inflow, we are passionate about training because it saves lives. Our training support to the Government prepares the Warfighter to defeat devices found on the battlefield, create counter measures against terrorism, and prosecute criminals through the collection of critical biometric and forensic evidence. This is why we believe quality training is vital to our Nation's security.


Associated Terms

Homemade Explosive (HME) | IED and C-IED  | Defeat the Device (DtD) | EOD | Cyber Awareness and Threat Prevention | Post Blast | WTI | CBRNE